Blue Winter

Winter uses all the blues there are.
One shade of blue for water, one for ice,
Another blue for shadows over snow.
The clear or cloudy sky uses blue twice-
Both different blues. And hills row after row
Are colored blue according to how far.
You know the bluejay’s double-blur device
Shows best when there are no green leaves to show.
And Sirius is a winterbluegreen star.
by Robert Francis

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2 Responses to Blue Winter

  1. SOUL AFLAME says:

    What a talent you have. This is a beautiful piece of artwork that I’d love to see close up to admire the depth of detail.

  2. sandy says:

    You are so kind, Thank you I’m so pleased you like it, sorry I can’t make it bigger, if I post anything above 600px it doesn’t fit.

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